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Academic & Policy Papers

Below is a sample of Dr Mai Yamani's work:

'Saudi youth: the illusion of transnational freedom',
Contemporary Arab Affairs, Routledge, January, 2010
'Has Reform Stalled in Saudi Arabia',
Speech, Chatham House, October, 2009
'Marginalization & Mobilization of youth in the Near East',
Center for Behavioral Research, American University of Beirut, Youth Conference, May, 2009
'Yemeni Detainees & Jihadis: Guantánamo Repatriation and Saudi Arabia',
Speech, Chatham House, April, 2009
'From Fragility to Stability: a survival strategy for the Saudi monarchy',
Contemporary Arab Affairs, Routledge, 2009
'The Saudi Media Mask',
in Kingdom without Borders, Hurst, London, 2008
'The Two Faces of Saudi Arabia',
Survival: Global Politics and Stratetgy, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, 2008
'Initiative and Inertia: Saudi Politics at Home and Abroad',
Bryn Mawr Lecture, March, 2008
'Kingdom on Alert: Saudi Arabia and the New Middle East Cold War',
Carnegie Middle East Centre, Beirut, 2008-2009
'Political Reform in Saudi Arabia',
Brookings, Washington DC, 2008
'The Latent Arab Democratic Revolution',
The Middle East and North Africa, Routledge, London, 2007
'Mecca: Islam’s Cosmopolitan Heart',
Open Democracy, September, 2006
'The Challenge of Globalization in Saudi Arabia',
in On Shifting Ground, City University of New York, New York, 2005
'Iraq in Transition: Vortex or Catalyst?',
Chatham House Briefing Paper, London, 2004
'Is Saudi Arabia a strategic threat: the global propagation of intolerance',
Commission on International Religious Freedom, United States Senate Committee Hearing, November, 2003
'Challenged by example: Globalization and the new Arab awakening',
in Globalization and the Middle East, RIIA, London, 2002